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Val Angel is a serial entrepreneur with a background in mental health nursing, banking and media and started the online space, Zim Masterchef to celebrate Zimbabwean chefs. A mother of two, she emigrated to the UK at the age of 23.

by Rodney Rumbidzai Chawota

How did you settle into life in the diaspora after your move here?

l was lonely at first as l missed the family and friends l had left behind in Zimbabwe. But as time went. I settled down and now have a family of my own and a successful business career.

Tell us about your career and academic achieve­ments.

In 2005, I acquired a BA Honours in Music and Visual Art followed by an MBA in 2009 and a BSc in Psycl1iatric Nursing in 2014. I’ve also published two research articles, both in 2009 · ‘Antecedents and Conseqt1ences of Consumer Confusion in the Financial Services Industry’, and ‘Consumer Choice Process for Impulsive Goods.’

I’ve worked primarily in the financial services with Lloyds Bank and American Express and in the healthcare sector. At American Express I was awarded for contributions that changed practice. My move in 2009 to work in the health sector was a calling for me as I believed God wanted me to work with the sick. I talk about this change in my book, Your Destiny is in Your Dreams. This is where I found purpose and fulfilment · working with the sick – a big dif­ference fron1 working in the banks, where it was all about stats and figures.

Why ZimMasterchef?

We wanted a platform to showcase Zimbabwean chefs in the diaspora who are underrepresented. We also wanted to showcase African food and show that it can be organic, wholesome and of a high standard

You’re also a fitness advocate …

After giving birth to my daughter Ava, I was 84kg and needed to shift tl1e weight. It was very hard especially as I couldn’t resist food. When I realised that my health was suffering, I had to do something about it. So, I changed my diet. ditched the takeaways, embraced a low GI diet and started training. I train regularly, not just to keep up shape but to maintain a healthy mind too. I now weigh 66kg.

How do you balance family life and everything else that you do?

I enjoy the hustle of being the producer, psyche practitioner. entrepreneur, fitness inflt1encer and being a mum to Angel, 14 and Ava Marie, 2. I know I have to be careful not to take on too much. I try not to let work spill into time with the kids, dinner and bedtime. Family is important to me. l try to be a good mum but what I’ve learnt (and what I’m still learning) is that all I can do is n1y best. 

How do you ‘keep yourself motivated? 

I do things I’m passionate about. I love exercising and getting fit so I have just immersed myself in it. l do a lot of charity work but there is still a lot I need to do. I have a passion for the creative industry and at the moment I’m searching for new Zimbabwean talent. Music is one of my passions and I hope to work with rising Zim artists and secure funding for them.

Who would you say are your role models?

Michelle Obama as the first African-American First Lady of our time and Oprah Winfrey as one of the greatest black women in American history.

How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected you?

It’s impacted tl1e lives of millions of people around the globe, causing extraordinary disruption to the delivery of basic healthcare, economic activity and basic social interactions. That and the lockdown has made me appreciate my family, relatives and close friends even more.

What can we look forward to from you in the future?

I’m working on building an athleisure-focused brand and Val Angel Productions, a film and TV company.

The focus will be on building a platform that will accelerate some of the conversations of our generation focusing on mental health conversations. I produced and directed a documentary called I’m Not Normal, I’m Normal. It’s a short documentary that will show how most people have, had or will have some mental health problems during their life. It raises awareness of this issue with the subsequent intention of trying to reduce the stigma associated witl1 this condition.

Follow Val Angel here:

IG: @valangelfit

Facebook: Val Angel

Twitter: @valnangel

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