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Fitness Advocate

After giving birth to my daughter Ava, I was 84kg and I needed to shift the weight. It was very hard espe­cially as I couldn’t resist food. When I realised that my health was suffering, I had to do something about it. So, I changed my diet, ditched the takeaways, embraced a low GI diet and started running. I train regularly, not just to keep in shape but to maintain a healthy mind too. I now weigh 66kg.

I am the founder of a group called Keep Up With Diet and Exercise, a motivational group to encourage and inspire people who live a healthy lifestyle by eating a healthy diet and to exercise.

Keep Up With Diet And Exercising

This is a motivational group to encourage and inspire one another to exercise and eat healthy. Post your workouts and diet tips, let’s help each other to lose weight! You should understand that when participating in any exercise or exercise program, there may be a possibility of physical injury. Only engage in exercises that you feel comfortable carrying out. You can check with a personal trainer or YouTube for safe workouts. If you have any diet queries consult a physician/doctor.

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