Fitness advocate Valeria Upchurch

Founder & CEO

VALERIA UPCHURCH, known by many as Val Angel, is a motivational speaker, transformation expert, innovative thinker, and a health & fitness lifestyle Coach. A fitness advocate, she has a Bsc in Nutrition and is the founder of "Keep Up With Diet and Exercise", a motivational group to encourage and inspire people who live a healthy lifestyle by eating a healthy diet and to exercise.


Reaching beyond platforms, Valeria extends to communities, engages in charity work including medical missions, food relief, child sponsorship and resourcing those in need equipping them with tools that will change the course of their lives and communities.


As an author, Valeria Upchurch has recently authored Your Destiny is in your dreams.

your destiny is in your dreams

Previous Publications

  • Antecedents and Consequences of Consumer Confusion in the Financial Services Industry In: 38 European Marketing Academy Conference: Marketing & the core disciplines, 26-29 May 2009, Nantes, France.
  • Consumer choice process for impulsive experiential goods: The case of DVD rental market In: Academy of Marketing Annual Conference:Putting Marketing in its place, 7-9 July 2009, Leeds, UK.ious publications.

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